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We raise the bar for PL's again. The future for pointing labs is looking good. Maveric is an example of the direction we are continuing to lead in.



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Maveric is a very strong and stylish pointing. It is no surprised considering he is out of PRG's Bird Magic Genie and Hall of Fame HRCH 4x GMPR Otter MH QAA. There is no question Genie passes on her intense pointing traits to her offspring. Genie has (5) 4X GMPR's in her pedigree in the first couple of generations. She has many of the best traits from some big hitters through out her pedigree. Maveric also has these traits. Add to that the good looks, drive, marking abilities, pointing and outstanding pedigree and you have a power house a complete package.

Mav is always on a mission when in the field. He has a great work ethic and lives for birds. This dog is just insane about them. He is very affectionate and easy to train. Maveric is a handsome looking dog with dark pigment and has a darker red/yellow coat. He loves retrieving and hits the water hard.

Want to bring some new big league blood into your breeding process? Maveric is 68 lbs, has the classic lab looks, has good hips , clear eyes and is EIC clear. Breeding to Maveric is available including AI,s. His stud fee is $1,000

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