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Jesse 2 GMPR ribbonsJesse Pointing

Jesse is out of FC/AFC Ebonstar Jamie and a female with a strong pointing trait 4X GMPR Sagebrush Sue . He is a handsome light yellow with the classic lab looks.

Jesse 4x GMPRJesse has a lot going for him. He marks like he has a laser guidance system on board. He runs blinds like he runs marks, at full speed. He has a V 12 under the hood. Everything he does is with gusto. Whether it is upland, marks or just running drills. Jesse is excellent in the upland field. He has been quite successful at running events in the AKC, APLA, HRC and NAHRA. He is one of the birdiest dogs we have seen. He is also one of the most affectionate dogs we have been around. Jesse has a way with the ladies. We have never seen anything quite like it. Even females that have little tolerance for males ask him out for dates. He is the Man.


Jesse is proving himself to be an excellent producer. We get excellent comments routinely from owners of Jesse's pups. Jesse x Sally pups are collecting ribbons in APLA , AKC and HRC tests. We have hand picked several pups out of our last Jesse X Sally litter to be a part of our breeding program


Jess Big AirJesse HRCH



Some Jesse Pups

Jesse Sally pupsJesse Sally pup 2

Sally Jesse pups

Jesse Sally Pups seven weeks old!



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