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We offer two types of one on one personal trainer coaching. On site face to face with Gary and one on one support on the phone.

One on One on site.

This personal trainer coaching session is scheduled. Typically it lasts about 30 minutes long. The initial session is an overall evaluation of where your dog is at in their training process and to access your training experience. Then the goals for the dog are clearly defined by the owner. A training plan approach is recommended and discussed that will identify the concepts necessary to accomplish the tasks that are required to meet the goals for the dog. The handler/ trainer will be presented, through demonstration,the methods to use to accomplish the desired tasks. The handler/trainer will be given several things to work on with their dog. When the handler/trainer has learned how to effectively apply the concepts taught and the dog is responding well then the Handler/trainer schedules another session to review the progress and if ready move onto the next step in the training. As with many things what you put in will determine what you and your dog will get out of you training sessions. The fee for this coaching is $50 per 1/2 hour session.

Off site one on one Phone Support.

This coaching is in the development phase and when implemented will be on a trial basis. It will take some tweaking over time as it is implemented in order for it to be functional. There will be a limited number of time slots available each week. I will post more details as they are determined. This process is similar in many respects to the on site training. The goals for the dog with the handler/trainer are identified. The approach to the training is recommended. If possible a short video will be sent to the coach to demonstrate where the handler /trainer and the dog is in the training process. Recommendations will be given on how to proceed with training after reviewing the video. All of the video must be in a standard format that a PC or Mac can display. The video should be compressed as small as a file as possible to ensure download time is minimal. In both on site and off site.

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January 11, 2013