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Training The Pointing Retriever 4 pack DVD Training Series

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Why do you need this DVD training series?

Everyone wants a dog they enjoy being around and are proud of. That is a reasonable expectation and something you can achieve if you make the commitment in terms of time and teaching good methods the way your dog learns.

Dogs and humans can become very frustrated during the teaching and learning process. Your dog needs structure just as any learning student does. That means you need to have a game plan. We have developed a process to follow that is very effective. Concepts must be taught in a step by step systematic way. If you teach in the right way you will motivate a dog and create confidence in them. Confidence creates success and they cant wait for the next training session with you. This is what we call the Success Cycle. This will instill a great work ethic in your dog!

In order to become a effective trainer and handler you must learn how to think and communicate like a dog. Most people never really learn how to communicate with their dogs on their level the way they learn. We tend to try to relate teaching a dog the way we think and learn. That simply does not work for a dog. You must learn the fundamental language of dogs so to speak and the way they process information so you can teach concepts in a way they will understand them. This one skill will do more for your success and the results you have with your dog than anything else.

What we have to offer is a proven effective step by step training process that:

Provides you a way , a method, that will allow you to develop the skills that will prevent much of the frustration for both you and your dog during training sessions. This in turn will allow you both to progress through your training process smoothly.

Teach you how to think and effectively communicate with your dog. This is, in our opinion, the most critical and missing link in training programs. We show you how to accomplish this in detail in the chapter called the Golden Rules of Training as well as demonstrate these concepts through out the training series.

We show you how to build a strong foundation in your dog step by step. We cover all the basic concepts your dog needs to know from bringing pup home at eight weeks old to working birds in the field. We demonstrate how to develope the necessary skills in your dog so that they will be well behaved and responsive to commands you give them. With these skills in place you will have a dog that you are proud of whether you taking a walk in the park, hunting upland or waterfowl in the field or bringing home ribbons at events.

We show you how to motivate your dog to want to work with you by creating a Success Cycle.


Here are some clips from the Training The Pointing Retreiver DVD's


PRG Leading The Way

We are leading the way as professional trainers by producing the Training The Pointing Retriever DVD Series. This is the only DVD resource available in the country today. All aspects of the project was approached and presented from a trainers perspective. The training sessions are dogs learning the concepts for the very first time. You will see what really happens during actual training sessions.

The set consists of four separate DVD's: The Puppy Pack, Force Fetch, Marking Basics and Upland Training Foundation. There is five and a half hours of demonstration on how to build a strong, sound foundation in your dog. With these tools in place your dog will have the skills necessary to effectively work with you as a team in the field.


A few words about the videos by Gary Buys the Author and Producer of the Training The Pointing Retriever Series.


The Puppy Pack DVD

The Puppy Pack DVD

The puppy pack was put together with the new pup owner in mind. Topics covered are: crate training, introduction to upland birds, physical conditioning, bonding, exposure to the outside world through daily walks, puppy marks. Were going to introduce pups to water, teach the kennel command in order to load up in a crate, truck or trailer. We go into obedience covering the here, heel , sit commands. We look at training equipment, the proper use of a choke chain and lead. When and how to praise your dog. We teach the whistle response to the sit command. We teach how to make training feel good and begin to instill a good work ethic in your dog. We will introduce them to retrieving birds.




Force Fetch DVD (the conditioned retrieve response)

Force Fetch DVD

We demonstrate how to build confidence and create a great attitude about work with your dog. We cover concepts about teaching hold on and off the table, introduction to the table and the toe hitch, fetch off the top of the table, fetch from the sit position, the sequence of the retrieve, pile work on the table, casting to the pile, transition to the ground, walking fetch, pile work on the ground, collar work on the ground, leave it grab it on command. We go into detail on the guidelines for using the e-collar. What pressure is and what it is not. The how , when , where, why of using pressure. We show you how to teach your dog what pressure is and how to make the connections to the responses we are asking them for. We show you how to build on a success foundation. Next to obedience force fetch is probably the most important concept to teach your dog. All advance retriever work depends on this teaching tool being in place in order to progress.



Marking Basics

Marking Basics DVD

In this DVD we will teach several key concepts related to retrieving. We will build upon the conditioned retrieve response and obedience we taught in the Puppy Pack and Force Fetch DVD's. We will Introduce pup to the gun, Make the connection of a mark and retrieve to sound of a shot, teach the mechanics of the retrieve, how to use gunners to help teach concepts, into to cover on the land, land mark concepts, intro to water cover, water mark concepts, teaching diligence. We will continue to focus on building confidence through success in the field. We expose our dogs to retrieving birds. We will look at how to shoot flyers for your dog.




Upland Training Foundation

Upland Training DVD

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the DVD series. We get to turn pups on to live birds for the first time. We show you how to turn the genetic light bulb on and shinning bright in these little guys. We cover Intro to birds, boldness on birds, how to aggressively locate birds, how to work scent, the pigeon pole, whoa training, steadiness in the yard, steadiness in the field, working in a field, how to approach a dog on point in the field, quartering, putting it all together in the field, gun safety in the field, the role of a gunner in upland training, special considerations while hunting, training equipment, transition to the field, creating success and confidence in the field. introduction to live birds


We have a bonus section we have added to the DVD's called The Golden Rules of Training. In this chapter we share with you what the dogs have taught us over the past thirteen years about communicating with them and teaching them the way they think and learn. We cover several critical skills all really good trainers constantly strive to acquire an improve on. Your ability to communicate and read what your dog is communicating to you will do more for your success and training results than all the methods you put in your training toolbox.

Complete Set of DVD's

To buy the set of four DVD's including The Puppy Pack, Force Fetch, Upland Training Foundation and Marking Basics for the price of $120 click on the Pay Pal (Buy now) button below



Training The Pointing Retriever DVD Series

What's New: Our new DVD Advanced Upland Training for the Pointing Lab is finished and You can order your copy now. For more information about the DVD go to the pull down menu above and select Advanced Upland DVD! There is a trailer there with clips from the DVD you can view. You can also click the Pay Pal Buy Now button to buy this excellent advanced upland training resource for the Pointing Lab.

advanced upland





We plan on offering several other DVD's in the future. We are back in the production mode. Stay tune for and release dates of other DVD's in the Training The Pointing Retriever series. DVD's

Other DVDs in the works in the future:

How To Think And Communicate Like A Dog.

Hunt Test Training and Handling For The Pointing Retriever.


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