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A short movie of some of our pups.

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Choco-cowboy -pupWhy you should take a closer look at a PRG dog?

Training and breeding dogs is what we do. It is our full time pursuit and our passion! We take breeding excellent dogs seriously. This is not a hobby or part time job we do to make a few extra bucks on the side. We have spent the past thirteen years developing our breeding program with one primary goal in mind. To produce the best dog possible. This includes the areas of proven performance in the field, titles at the highest levels in several venues, proven producers, and trainability. All of our dogs are also affectionate and great companions. They just like being around folks. Typical traits that we see in the breed we call the Lab.

Take a look at some of our pups in action in the movie on the pups on the ground page.



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Your going to get useful information not sales pitches from us. Alice pup

What most people do is get on the internet and start their search for a new pup or started dog. It can be a real frustrating experience for many people. Who do you talk to? What web sites do you look at? Where do you get good useful information to make an educated decision?Who can you trust? It is not a trivial matter making a commitment for the next twelve years or so and to be a responsible owner for a new pup or dog. We have folks contact us and tell us they are worn out from the process. We let them know we understand because we have been there as well and get phone calls all the time from others feeling the same way. What they hear from us is not a sales pitch for our dogs and training at our kennel. What they get is useful information they are searching for. Why do we do this? Because we actually care about the dogs and the people that own them. We know the value of a lifetime of great experiences for the owner and their dog. Whether it will be for the hunter, running competitive events, a jogging companion for a wife, a frisbees dog for the kids. Let's face it that is why we have dogs in the first place. For the experiences we have with them!

We have put together an article that we recommend to everyone looking for a pup or dog. It is called How To Pick A Pup. It is located in the Puppy Page menu above. We provide what we consider the most important information to know about and understand in your search. This is an excellent resource.


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Sally pup 8 weeks pointingLets talk about why you came to this page in the first place. Our dogs. All of our dogs are very well bred. We believe they are the best bred dogs available in the country. Take a look at the Our Dogs pull down menu in the navigation bar above. We have our dogs listed in two groups and individually with information about them. We will eventually have a short movie of each of them working. We think it is better to show you rather than just tell you about our dogs. We suggest you take a look at our Upcoming Litter Page to see what we have planned for the future of the breed. We also suggest you take a look at the Litters On The Ground page in the Puppy Page pull down menu to see what we currently have available. We keep these pages updated. We also have an article written that may help you in your search to find the pup your looking for in the Puppy Page pull down menu.


We could go on and on explaining all the reasons you should own a PRG dog. We would prefer that you contact us and we can tell you more about what sets us apart from the rest.

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How to reserve a pup.

The process for reserving a pup is pretty straight forward. Once you decide which breeding you are to interested in you contact us. We will send a puppy deposit agreement to you to review and sign. That agreement explains several things. One is that the refund is non-refundable. The only instance a refund is given is if the pup is not produced. If the pup is not produced as agreed to you will have the option of a refund of the deposit or applying it to another litter. That litter could be on the ground or be a future breeding. If the pup is produced you have the responsibility to pick the pup up.

Once the agreement has been signed and the deposit is received you will be put on an puppy pick list. This list will determine the picking order the pups by the new owners. A time a date will be selected when pups are eight weeks old for all pups to be picked up.

We also ship pups through several airlines. In order to ship through the airlines you must have the following:

1) A Health Certificate from a Veterinarian. Cost currently is about $80

2) A crate to ship the pup in. Cost iscurrently about $60 to $80 depending on the size of pup.

3) A pre-paid plane ticket. Depending on the distance and the airline typically $250 to $400.

4) Delivery to DIA 150 mile trip $100

It is the responsibility of new owner to contact the airlines and find out the exact requirements to ship the pup. All of the costs must be paid before the pup will be shipped. We have a local vet we can take pup to for the health certificate. We usually have the pup owner give the vet a credit card number over the phone and take the pup in for the health certificate. There are restrictions for airlines as far as temperatures they will allow pups to be shipped. This requires shipping the pup at certain times of the day in order to meet a given temperature range. , winter for example, you can have delays for several days or longer before you can ship the pup. The temp must be within a certain range at both the departure and arrival location. Health Certificates are good for ten days. After they expire you must have another one issued to ship the pup. The flights must be coordinated with us in order to make this to get pup to you.

If you pick pup up and plan on flying home with them you will still need a crate and health certificate. In some instances you can get a portable mesh type puppy carrier and take pup as carry on. Again check and make sure this is an option with the airline you are dealing with.

Click on this link for information on pup pickup day

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Choco pups


One more thing we would like to share with you. It is an article regarding the so called 49th day or seventh week being the ideal time to pick up a pup.

49 day Myth. http://www.calibertollers.com/49daymyth.htm






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