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Otter eight weeks oldOtter 2 years old


Otter is the first 4XGMPR to be inducted Into the APLA Hall Of Fame.

Otter Cert HOFOtter Point


APLA  LetterOtter and Ribbons

What an awesome achievement for Otter. I am so proud of the Big Dog. I am also very thankful that I was given the opportunity for him to share his life with me. To work with him through out his career. I have never seen a dog give more in so many ways than he did. He earned the distinction of a HOF dog by hundreds if not thousands of hours of effort on his part. He has also made a significant contribution to the breed by producing many oustanding dogs. He has made a difference for Pointing Labs. As a team he instilled a great deal of confidence when ever we ran tests. When we went to the line ,regardless of the venue or the difficulty of the tests, you could see it in his attitude he was coming back with the birds. I would watch his eyes as the birds would go down. He would tell me " Yes I saw them, cut me loose and I will be right back with all of them"! I cant tell you how many times he would line really tuff blinds in training and hunt tests without a whistle. Several times Judges would ask I would mind blowing the whistle at least once next time just to so they could see if I could stop and cast him. Anyone that has run Masters or HRCH tests know just how good that makes you feel to hear something like that from a judge.

I can still remember the day I picked him up as a pup. I was with him when he picked up his first bird and his last. I still think about him . . . . . . a lot. I miss him. I know we will have a reunion. I look forward to that day!



Otter Photo huntingOtter Upland hunting


Otter is the benchmark for the pointing lab stud dog in our opinion. As far as we know even today he has achieved more titles than any other male pointing lab in the country. He has excelled in all hunt test organizations at the highest levels. Otter has brought new blood to the pointing lab world and without question raised the bar for pointing labs in general. Exceptional field trial marking abilities, huge motor, excellent pointing skills, easy to train, intelligent are just a few of his strong traits. While there are some pretty nice dogs out there today there is still an issue with finding a stud dog that produces. It is one thing to find a talented dog with developed high level abilities it is quite another to find a stud that reproduces what he brings to the table. Otter has done this consistently. This is the week link with many other kennels and their stud dogs. You can go to virtually any PL hunt test in the nation and see dogs running and bringing home ribbons with Otter's blood in them. You will also see his blood in many breeder's breeding programs.

Otter Abby Pup

The next generation

Otter's Pedigree

Breeding To Otter Our Hall Of Fame Stud Dog

We have a limited supply of Otter's semen on ice. We will consider breeding to select females on a very limited basis. The stud fee for Otter currently is $3500. An agreement for the stud service must be signed before any release of the semen for breeding. All of the costs associated with the AI is the responsibility of the female's owner. The semen has been verified as excellent in count and morphology so there is no question that it will produce puppies in a healthy female. We want to emphasis how important it is that you get the timing right with your female through progesterone tests. We want you to have a litter of healthy pups that you can be proud of. Contact us for more information



A short slide show of Otter.


Otter and Kitty

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