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Experience and results. We have hunted over dogs for over thirty five years. We have trained many different breeds of dogs including retrievers,flushers,and pointers. We have trained dogs competitively and at the highest levels in the AKC, APLA and HRC. We specialize in pointing labs. This diverse training experience has taught us a great deal about how dogs think and learn. We have watched, listened and learned from them. We believe this has help evolve our training approach into a very effective process. One that not only allows us to effectively train but to teach in a way the dogs want to learn. We set dogs up to succeed by motivating them to learn and creating what we call a success cycle.


Gary takes a personal interest in all of his clients and their dogs. He actually returns phone calls and emails. A common issue with some trainers.

When you call we will discuss your specific needs and suggest a training process to meet those needs. We keep our numbers to a reasonable amount so that all the dogs get the training they need. Gary does all the training himself. We do it right, with results, consistently. Call us to discuss your needs and goals for your dog.


We want to mention a several other resources for training through our kennel. One of them is the DVD training series Training The Pointing Retriever. We put this DVD set together for the owner who wants to learn how to train their own dogs. It is the only DVD available today on how to train the pointing retriever. It is five and a half hours of instruction on four dvd's. It covers all of the essential concepts on how to build a strong foundation with your dog and then how to transition into the field to hunt. It also covers one of the common missing links of many videos or seminars. How to think and communicate like a dog. We just released our fifth DVD Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab in October of this year. This DVD will show you how to teach your dog the skills to become an effective polished hunter in the Upland field. We have also just released a two DVD set called Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab. These two DVD's show you how to train a pointing lab from the time you pick a pup up through becoming a polished finished dog in the upland field.


We offer one on one training at our location for those that want to work face to face with a pro trainer. We are also looking at offering one on one support over the phone. We will be producing several short articles and videos that owners will be able to access on line.

Once again we lead the way in providing several training resources for pointing lab owners that want to become better owners,handlers and trainers of their dogs.

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