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Welcome to Gary's Art Page

I've finally added an art page to show some of my art work. I am going to start offering prints of my original paintings on Giclee Canvas Prints.

If you're an artist or an art collector, you may already know that Giclée fine art printing is the gold standard when it comes to producing museum-level quality prints. 

The term Giclée — pronounced gee-klay — was initially coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991. Today, it's used to describe fine art printing using pigment based, archival quality inks, manufactured on advanced inkjet printers.

Difference between Giclée and other print technologies:
Whereas many traditional print technologies — such as lithography — use the classic CMYK 4-color combination (in some instances with the addition of a pantone referenced spot color) Giclée printers use up to 12 individual colors. This gives much smoother gradient transitions and a wider color gamut. In other words, more depth and richness. In the case of recreating artwork such as a oil painting print, the end result is almost indistinguishable from the original. Giclée prints won't fade when displayed in normal conditions indoors; colors will retain their brilliance for a lifetime.

Some of the original artwork took as much as 40 to 50 hours of work to complete. All of them are one of a kind original oil paintings. Giclee's are much less than the cost of the originals. It is a great way to get the best reproduction of an original painting that is available today. Once you hang the print up in your home it will be something you can be proud of. These prints are created one at a time they are not mass produced. Lead time is usually a week or so at the printer and the shipping delivery time to your location.

Gicl'ee pricing. Cost will depend on the painting and size of the print. The average price is approximately as follows :
8x10 w/o frame $75 plus shipping and handling
11x14 w/o frame $95 plus shipping and handling
16x20 w/o frame $115 plus shipping and handling
18x24 w/o frame $125 plus shipping and handling

Keep in mind that frames are usually 2 to 4 inches larger than the print. Check your wall space and make sure it is a good fit for the space when you are picking out a frame.

Shipping cost will depend on where it is being shipped to and also the cost of packing material. It will most likely be shipped in a tube to protect the print unless it is in a frame.



If you look below you will see several different subjects. Some are of dogs I have owned and since have passed away. I have produced paintings for others of their dogs including keep sake paintings of dogs they have lost.

There are also several Landscapes and flowers. Some are local to Colorado where I live now as well as other states like Idaho, Utah and Hawaii. Take a look when you get a minute and scroll through the paintings. If you are interested in a Giclee print or a commissioned original painting contact me to discuss what you are looking for or want created.

Contact me at grbuys@frii.com or 970 568 1125 for more information about prints or paintings



Snake River Otter

Pepper on a misson in Colorado

PRG's Poudre

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Burmese Mountain Dog Clients Original Oil painting


Teddy Clients Original Oil Painting

Stay tuned more paintings are being scanned




Geese Snake River Idaho


Colorado Mummy Range



The Poudre Canyon Fall Road


Poudre River Canyon Narrows

Poudre River Fall

Poudre River Original Sold

Poudre River Original Sold


Utah Cedar Breaks

Momma Grizzly Russian River Alaska



Colorado Columbines




Hawaiian beach


Heliconia Kauai Hawaii

Plumaria Kuaui Hawaii


Hibiscus for my daughter


Sun flowers in my garden for my niece


Still life tangerines, grapes and wine bottle for my sister




The Iron Rod and The Prince of Darkness.