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We want to present some training articles here that we are confident can help you become a better handler and trainer. We also believe they can help you improve your working relationship with your dog. There are many methods to teach concepts. There is almost always more than one way to approach training. What we are going to present is what we have developed over the past fourteen years that has proven to be very effective for us training literally hundreds of dogs. We have successfully trained dogs at the highest levels in the AKC, HRC and APLA. In the APLA we have produced several 4X GMPR's as well as the first 4XGMPR inducted into the Hall Of Fame 4XGMPR HRCH Bar None's Snake River Otter MH QAA this year Jan. 2012. Our mentors are all dogs. They are by far the best teachers.

There are a few things we want to mention here now. Training is a process not a program. Remember to always leave something in it for the dog. Learn to leave the ego at home. Don't get wrapped up in time lines. Training is about the dog. Learn what a success cycle is and constantly think of how you can set your dog up for success.

Best of luck with your training endeavor!

Gary Buys



How to train the way your dog thinks and learns - Teach in black and white. Transcribed from PRG training tips video.


Pup Introduction to retrieving birds. Transcribed from Training The Pointing Retriever chapter.


How Long Should a Training Session Last Transcribed from PRG training tips video.


PRG's Rule of 3's




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