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What is the process for getting a PRG pup?Otter Hunting

An interview with prospective new owners

We interview all prospective owners of our dogs. We want to make sure that we understand what your looking for in a dog. We want a good match for the new owners and our dogs. We take pride in what we produce and our breeding process. We want you to be proud to own one of our dogs

Pick a breeding we have planned.

We would like to explain the process for getting your next pup from Poudre River Gundogs. We have web pages for all of our dogs on our site. Included on each page is some general information as well as some photos and in some cases videos of the dogs. One of the many things that sets our dogs apart is their pedigrees. Pedigrees matter! You can take a look at each dog's pedigree on their individual pages. We suggest you look at the pages of the Sire and the Dam for any breeding you interested in. In some cases you can see previous offspring from a repeat breeding. We may also have information on several dogs within a dog's pedigree on the site as well.

Sign an Agreement and send a deposit.

After you have found the breeding that your are interested in you should contact us. We will answer any questions you have about the breeding and let you know when the breeding is planned to take place. If the breeding looks like it is a good match for you we will send you a Puppy Agreement to read and sign and take a deposit to hold a pup for you. The deposit can vary depending on the breeding but is typically $500. This deposit is nonrefundable. The only exception to this is if we don't produce the sex and or color of the dog you are looking for. If we don't produce what you identified in the agreement then you can request a refund or apply it to another breeding in the future. Although we would like to produce what everyone is looking for nature always controls the outcome! The pick order will be the order that we receive deposits in.

We contact everyone who has signed the Puppy Agreement and is on the deposit list after the breeding has taken place and after pups have been whelped. The most critical time for the health of pups is the first few days and the two week mark. If there are any health issues that come up this is usually where it can rear it's ugly head. Over 90% percent of the time there are no issues and pup will have a happy and healthy life. We go out of our way before, during and after pups are born to make sure the whole gang is healthy. That said Nature again is in control after we have done all we can do to insure healthy pups.

Some people ask us to contact them when we have a breeding. In some cases we do this. It can present a problem however when ever we have deposits on all of the puppies in a litter before the breeding has taken place. If a person waits till a breeding takes place or pups are on the ground they may miss the opportunity to get a pup from that breeding. This is one of the reasons why we highly suggest you do your homework by checking out the breedings coming up and looking at the pages of the sire and dam. This will provide you with the information that can help you decide about a particular breeding. We have had deposits on some breedings as much as a year in advance of the actual breeding. So in a nut shell if you see a breeding you like put a deposit down sooner rather than later.

Pick up day for new owners

We will contact all the new owners and schedule a day for pickup of the pup. This can be a bit of a timing challenge because we have people from all over the US and Canada that come to our kennel to pickup their new pup. Usually we pick the day pups turn eight weeks old to schedule the pickup day for all new owners. If an owner is going to fly to our location FAA law and Colorado State law states a pup must be eight weeks old to travel on a plane. There is a document called a Health Certificate that a Veterinarian must sign after doing an exam on the pup that says the puppy is healthy and can travel on a flight. We have a Vet Clinic that we have been using for many years that we can recommend for getting a Health Certificate. Current cost for that Health Certificate through our Vet is $80. That may change over time. Usually new owners schedule an appointment with the Vet the day they pick up their pup. It can be a challenge to get this taken care of and getting to a flight on time. That said we have not had an issue where this is not doable. In some cases people will stay overnight the day of the pickup and schedule the flight the following day. There are several hotels close to our location.

If you are flying you must also have a crate to put your dog in. It must be large enough for your pup to stand up, sit down and turn around in. Some airlines allow you to take pup as a carry on. We highly recommend this option if the airline you use allows this. Their is a mesh carry on bag you can buy that you put pup in for takeoff and landing. Usually you can pull them out during the flight and have a fan club by the time you land! There also must be two bowls attached to the door of the crate if you go that route for food and water. Inside the crate there needs to be some kind of absorbing material in case pup goes to the bathroom. We typically use newspaper. Each airline has guidelines for shipping a pup. Go to their web site and read their policies. We have found for the most part the airlines we have used have the same requirements. You don't want to miss a flight with your new pup because you forgot to comply with something. Keep in mind there are guidelines for both domestic and international flights. International flights have more requirements. We have shipped dogs internationally. Contact the airline that has flights from DIA in Denver Colorado to your location for information on costs to ship the pup if you go that route. The cost will be dependent on the distance , weight of the pup and the size of the crate. Usually a small to medium crate will work for the little guys.

If you want us to deliver the pup to the airlines to ship there is a $100 fee. It is 150 mile round trip to the Denver airport and there are several tolls that must be paid along the way. All costs must also be prepaid before the pup is shipped. That includes a crate, health certificate, airline ticket, and delivery to the airport.

We will contact you and let you know that the pup has been delivered to the airport. We ask that as soon as you pick them up at your location that you contact us and let us know. We want to be sure they are safe and sound and they start their life with their new owners.

That is the process we follow.




If you have any further question contact us. www.bigdog@poudrerivergundogs.com or 970 568 1125.

Thank You for looking at a Poudre River Dog!

Gary Buys

Poudre River Gundogs


December 25, 2018