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Brewmister Porter (yellow factored)



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Here is a video of Porter working on marks

Porter working upland.


Porter has a lot going for him. He is good looking yellow factored male. He is off the charts in athleticism with huge motor under the hood. He marks very well and is insane about birds. This dog is highly motivated and loves to train. He is very strong pointing in the upland field. One of the traits he consistently passes on to his offspring. There is nothing average about Porter he is a big league dog. We plan on running Porter in hunt tests in the fall of 2013. Our goal for For Porter is 4X GMPR and HRCH. Porter has what it takes to get this done.

Porter has produced some very nice dogs . We have trained several for clients. We have also produced several litters with him. We are expecting good things from the litter that is going to be hitting the ground in September with Genie. This should be an excellent breeding. We currently have a chocolate factored black female Wu Ju out of Porter. She is doing very well in training.

We believe Porter takes things up a couple of notches for the pointing lab brown dogs. If your looking for a proven producer to diversify your breeding we suggest taking a closer look at Porter.


Stud fees for Porter are $1,000. Contact us for more information about him.

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