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PL standards just went up ! (SR CP JS Lock and Load Lexi).

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Lexi point low

Lexi's is 52 lbs, very athletic, excellent marking, insanely birdie, intelligent, huge motor, exceptionally stylish point, affectionate. She is a natural with many desirable traits in many areas. She is very good looking with the classic lab looks. Lexi has one speed fast! Take a close look at her pedigree. It is loaded with 4X GMPR's, GMPR's FC's/AFC's /NAFC's , MH's,HRCH's. She is out of 4X GMPR HRCH Jesse James SH and HR 2 X GMPR OD's Cobra Jet Sally SH. She has some of the best blood from some of the most successful dogs ever to run in AKC field trials/hunt test and APLA hunt tests. She is doing very well in training and will be running tests in the HRC and APLA. We believe she has what it takes to be a 4XGMPR, HRCH and a MH. We are moving in that direction.





Lexi Big AirLexi is without question is one of the best, if not the best breed PL female in the country. Bold statement? Yes it is. Look at her pedigree and you will see why. Lexi has four 4X GMPR's in the first two generations of her pedigree. Her mom Sally will also expected to be a 4X GMPR by spring of 2012. When she accomplishes that five out of the six dogs in her first two generations will be 4 X GMPR. The only dog that is not a 4X GMPR is an FC/AFC. Both Jesse and Sally have produced GMPR's including a 4X GMPR. We started Lexi's formal upland training at three months of age. Her natural abilities were extremely strong even at such an early age. We can say without hesitation Lexi has the strongest pointing natural ability and most stylish pointing lab we have seen or trained. Lexi also marks very well. Not surprising when you consider that she has several generations of FC/AFC dogs in her pedigree. She has it all going for her. Proven performance throughout her pedigree and especially strong 4X GMPR's taking the pointing trait to a whole new level.



Lexi point


Lexi has proven her self as an outstanding producer of very strong pointing labs. She has in our opinion raised the bar for all pointing labs. We have several in training and they are doing very well. They are some of the most stylish pointing dogs we have seen in training. They are also crazy about retrieving. Lexi brings a lot to the table for the breed in general and our breeding specifically.

Lexi's Pedigree






Lexi pups

Lexi's pup Genie

Lexi female ( Genie ) from Duke breeding

Lexi pup Jackson Lexi pup Jenny

Lexi pups Jackson and Jenny From The Riley Breeding

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