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We raise the bar for PL's again. The future for pointing labs is looking good. Jackson is an example of the direction we are continuing to lead in.



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Jackson is one of the strongest most stylish pointing labs we have produced to date. It is no surprised considering he is out of JS Lock and Load Lexi and PRG's Wound up Riley. There is no question Lexi passes on her intense pointing traits to her offspring. Lexi has (5) 4X GMPR's in the first two generations her pedigree. She has many of the best traits from some big hitters like her grand father APLA HOF HRCH 4XGMPR Bar None's Snake River Otter MH QAA. Lexi is the only pointing lab in the country with a pedigree like this. Add to that the good looks, drive, marking abilities, pointing and outstanding pedigree of our stud dog Riley and you have a power house a complete package.

Jackson is one of those dogs that is happy and always wagging his tail. He also smiles a bunch. He lives for birds. This dog is just insane about them. He is very affectionate easy to train and has an excellent work ethic. Jackson is a handsome looking dog with dark pigment and has a darker red/yellow coat. He loves retrieving and hits the water hard.

We expect Jackson to be a big bat in the club so to speak. Our Expectation is a 4X GMPR , HRCH, and a MH. Even at just over a year old Jackson is showing us he has the right stuff. Stay tuned for more information and a video of Jackson working.

Jacksons Pedigree

Jackson Pedigree

Jackson will start his hunt test career in spring of 2013



Jackson pointing Cobb Lkae



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Lexi Pedigree

Riley Pedigree

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