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Deltra and me HRCH ribbonsDelta and shades

Delta Eleven years old and still brings home the Ribbons.




Delta 4X GMPR ribbons

Delta Point 1

HRCH 4X GMPR Snake River Delta SH

Delta smacks two more home runs with a HRCH title in Snyder Colorado. She continues to rack up the points in HRC






Delta HRCH title and ribbonDelta is a talented dog with an excellent pedigree. She has several APLA Hall Of Fame dogs,GMPR's /MH's/FC/AFC's/NAFC in her pedigree. Delta, like the majority of animals in her pedigree, has done very well at events. She is one of a few 4XGMPR's females in the country. We are not done with hunt tests with Delta. 2012 we will be running for more points in the HRCH.

She has a lot to offer both in the competitive arena and out in the field hunting. She is a high performance animal that always gives a 110% effort. She has an intensity level that is uncommon in many in dogs. Intelligence, huge drive, excellent field trial like marking, insanely birdie, very strong pointing upland and intensely focused. Delta is also very affectionate. When she is not bringing home ribbons or birds to the bag in the field she is happy just hanging out with the humans.

Delta's Pedigree







Delta HRC hunt testsDelta produces pups that are genetically strong in many areas. She passes on many of the excellent traits she has to her offspring. They can be seen all over the country successfully achieving titles and hunting in marshes and the upland fields. One look at her pedigree and it will be obvious why she is such a talented dog. Exceptional pedigree and excellent training has produced excellent results with Delta.









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