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Poudre River Gundogs is committed to lead the way by providing training resources for you and your dog.

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This page is dedicated to providing training articles.They are authored by Gary Buys. These articles will cover many topics from how to effectively teach your dog concepts to more of the internal aspects of training which is how to effectively communicate with your dog at their level. There will be information initially for the beginner and we will move through advanced concepts that can help trainers at the highest levels. These articles are going to provide you with the information that can help you become a better owner, handler and trainer.






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Not only do we have articles to help you but we also have some imbedded training videos you can watch on the site as well. The cost? Only your time to watch them!

Lastly we have taken the lead in pointing lab training and have produced a four DVD set called Training The Pointing Retriever. This is a series of DVD's that provide five and a half hours of step by step instruction. We have received very good feedback from folks who have bought these DVD's. They are making a difference for owners and their dogs.




How to pick a pup. This article covers all the basic information you need to know about in your search for a pup or dog.

The 49 day Myth. http://www.calibertollers.com/49daymyth.htm This article takes another look at what is accepted by some people as teh idea time to pick up a pup. Our own experience is pretty consistent with what the author has concluded. Take a look and decide for your self.



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