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We are the leaders in pointing lab training, pointing lab pups and pointing lab stud dogs in the country. Our dogs are second to none. Outstanding pedigrees, proven performers in the field, titles at the highest levels, proven producers. We offer professional training at all levels for the Pointing Retriever. We also provide several training resources for those that want to learn how to train their own dogs. Including one on one coaching, the only training DVD's available today for training pointing labs. We are leading the way by producing the only DVD training resource available today Training The Pointing Retriever.

Why deal with PRG?

In a nut shell, many years of full time professional experience successfully training and breeding excellent pointing Labradors. Our Experience has taught us much about what a truly great dog is and how to effectively train them. We have learned to train from the best. The dogs themselves. Click on the navigation bars above for information about our dogs, upcoming litters, puppies on the ground now, started dogs, stud dogs and training resources for training the pointing lab. We have an article page as well that will cover many topics about the pointing retriever. We are also in the process of providing short training videos to help people get headed in the right direction with their pups and dogs. Our goal is to be the number one resource for pointing retrievers on the web and in the country


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January 19, 2016