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You have just found the leaders in the country with the best pointing lab pups, started dogs, stud dogs, training Dvd's and training resources produced and available today. Thanks for stopping by! 


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Hall of Fame 4XGMPR HRCH Bar None's Smake River Otter MH QAA

HRCH 4x GMPR BAr None's Snake River Otter MH QAA

Home of the Big Dog

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Move up to a PRG Pup!

Contact us at 970 568 1125 or email at grbuys@frii.com for more info or to reserve a future little terminator!






Abby / Riley

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Two outstanding dogs have been paired. One , Mav, is a Hall of Fame son and Lizzy is out of Lexi the wonder dog. Should make excellent companions, great hunters and do very well at hunt test at the highest level. Check out their links below. Ready to go home mid April.

Lizzy / Maveric

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Our pups have excellent pedigrees and they definitely have style whether working in the field or out for a night on the town!

Some of our past pups.

pearl pup

Pearl, Alice, Lizzy pups

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Chukar 2

Who are the Pointing Labrador leaders in the country for pups, started dogs, stud dogs and training resources? Poudre River Gundogs!

Poudre River Gundogs sets the standards for Pointing Labs in terms of pedigrees, performance and as producers of outstanding pointing lab pups. We also set the standards for training of these fine dogs. Bold statement? Yes it is. While others rely on marketing and sells pitches we continue to lead the way and setting the standards for the pointing retrievers by producing and offering the best bred pointing lab pups, started dogs and stud dogs that can be found anywhere. We also lead the way by providing several professional pointing lab training resources that you will not find anywhere else!

We are the leading producers of excellent pointing lab pups and pointing lab stud dogs in the country. Our dogs have excellent to exceptional pedigrees, proven performers in the field, titles at the highest levels and are proven producers of outstanding pointing lab pups. We lead the way not only in producing the best pups and stud dogs in the country we also lead the way in professional training at all levels for the pointing labrador retriever. Another thing that sets us apart is that we are full time professional trainers and have successfully trained hundreds of PL's. We have also trained several of the other retriever breeds, flushers and traditional pointing dogs. We have the experience very few pointing lab trainers out there today have. We provide several training resources that wont be found any where else for those that want to learn how to train their own dogs. Including free training tip videos, one on one coaching and the only training DVD's available today for training pointing labs. We have taken advantage of the opportunity of leading the way by producing the Training The Pointing Retriever DVD series. The first and only training DVD's produced for training the pointing retriever in the country. There are currently five DVD's that have been produced including two sets. Our latest is the Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab and the two DVD set Complete Upland Training For Pointing Lab. We now have our sixth Dvd Get Into The Gray Matter Teach The Way Your Dog Thinks And Learns. Scroll down the page a bit and there is a description These DVD's are making a difference for people and their dogs.

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Why deal with PRG?

6 month old pup poinitngIn a nut shell, many years of full time professional experience successfully training and breeding excellent pointing labs. We are making great strides in continuing to produce a better dog. The dogs we are producing are the benchmark and set the standards for other breeders to try and meet. This includes the first 4XGMPR that has been inducted to the Hall Of Fame this year. HRCH 4XGMPR Snake River Otter MH QAA. Our experience has taught us much about what a truly great dog is and how to produce and effectively train them. We have learned to train from the best. The dogs themselves. Click on the navigation bars above or the links here for information about our dogs, upcoming litters, puppies on the ground now, started dogs, stud dogs and training resources for training the pointing lab. We cover the process of how to get your PRG pup in this link Selecting and Picking Up Your PRG Pup. Our goal is to be your number one resource for pointing retrievers in the country.

Pheasnt head

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Mav Jenny 2016Mav Jenny 2016 2Mav Jenny 2016 3

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Black cvowboy puppheasnt

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One of PRG's dogs Avalanche Annie training with Jeff as an Avalanche Rescue Dog working out of the helicopter. Annie became a certified Av dog last year.



yellow pups 1Chuckar 1


It's Here! The new training DVD by Gary Buys

gray matter DVD

The newest DVD release by Gary Buys Get Into The Gray Matter Teach The Way Your Dog Thinks and Learns is NOW AVAILABLE ! This DVD is for the person that wants to understand how to communicate at a much deeper level with their dog. We are going to explain how you can teach the way your dog learns. By doing this you will motivate them through success and eliminate a lot of the typical problems and frustrations that both dogs and their handlers can have during training sessions. Why not start your training process off right from the start. How do you do that? By learning how to get into the gray matter of your dog. What are the benefits for you and your dog. Your dog will learn concepts more thoroughly , quicker, and learn how to make the connections to previous concepts more effectively. Each training session will build confidence in your dog. You and you dog can become programed for success by you becoming a communications expert and the leader of a highly polished team. Stand by for information on ordering you copy and start making a positive difference in your training efforts and results with your dog today.








Looking for outstanding resources for training your pointing lab? Well you just found the only place that has them. In fact Gary Buys is the only trainer in the country that has produced them! Gary has produced six of them that demonstrates every concept from how to start your pup right as soon as you bring them home to producing a polished bird terminator in the upland fields. Now you have a personal training coach available that will show you, by example in these DVD's, how you can reach your dogs potential. These DVD's are making a difference for a lot of people that want to learn how to train their dogs themselves. For more information about the DVD's we offer click this link Training DVD's. In the first video below Gary gives an introduction to the video series. There is also a trailer below from the 4 DVD set that shows several clips of the concepts covered in the videos. Order your DVD's today and start making a difference for you and your dog.

DVD package cover


Pointing Lab Training Series Introduction

Trailer with clips from the DVD's


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PRG continues to lead the way in pointing lab training in the country by producing our fifth training DVD Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab and our new Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab two DVD set!

Advanced Upland Training DVD for the Pointing Lab.

We are taking orders now ! Go to the Training DVD pull down menu and select the Advanced Upland Training button to order this excellent pointing lab training resource.


Here are a few clips of yard work from the DVD. There are more clips on the training DVD page.


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Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab

Complete Upland training dvd

This is an excellent resource for anyone that wants to learn how to teach their pointing lab how to excel in the upland fields. These two DVD's will demonstrate step by step how to effectively teach your dog upland training concepts from when you bring pup home at eight weeks old to a polished bird terminator that is a joy to work with in the field.



Get a discount by buying the Training The Pointing Retriever 4 DVD set and Advanced Upland DVD together. Normally this is $184 but bought in a bundle it is $166.35 plus 3% tax. Press the Buy Now button below to get this deal now.







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The next generation of pointing lab bird terminators is here. Poudre River's Maverick.

Mav pointing

Meet the new kid in town. Poudre River's Maverick is a splitting image of his sire HOF Otter. A handsome young stud for sure but there is much more than looks in this dude. He has an exceptional pedigree, huge motor, insane about birds, loves marking and has a great work ethic already at under a year old. Maverick is looking good in training. Another example of the direction PRG is going that is consistent with our goal to produce a better dog. Leading the way, raising the bar and investing in the future of PL's! We are in the process of building Maverick's page on the web site. Check back for more information about him.


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Anyone can claim to have the best. What sets us apart from the rest . . . . .(OUR DOGS). This video is of Gary and Porter training. We have more videos of him and our other dogs on their pages. Are you ready to move up to a PRG dog?

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Some of our dogs doing water work!

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Sally -pup-pointing-2We have much more information in the web site that we want to share with you. Details on the training DVD's and all the benefits and advantages they will provide you and your dog in your training efforts. That information is in the training DVD button above in the navigation bar. We also have information about our dogs including pedigrees,photos and some videos. After you read about our dogs look at the photos and videos we think you will agree PRG leads the way. Our puppy page will show you what litters are coming up as well as pups that are on the ground now. We also suggest you check out the site www.pointinglabpups.com for pointing lab pup information. The training menu will provide you with several resources for training your dog. We also have added an article page for training tips on how to become a better handler and trainer. These tips are authored by Gary Buys. We have posted several training tips videos on the online training videos tab in the Training pull down menu. Some of these tips are from our training DVD's. As we mentioned before there is only one place you can find these resources and that is right here on our web site. We also have newsletters we are publishing. You can sign up for these at the bottom of the page.

Photo is of a Sally x Jesse PRG pup at seven weeks old.

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Training Tip: Teach a concept completely before moving on to the next concept! This is a clip from the Training The Pointing Retriever 4 DVD set.



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What does excellence at work in a pointing lab look like? Click on the start button above to see.  


Why does the future look bright for PL's and PRG? Watch this video of Lexi the terminator.

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Talk is cheap as they say. Here is a short video of a very nice pointing lab Pepper The Wonder Dog

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PRG adds our fourth 4X GMPR to our kennel !

HR 4XGMPR OD's Cobra Jet Sally SH brings home her 4XGMPR title in Colorado. This is our fourth 4X GMPR we now have in our Kennel. We are not done yet! We have several more dogs in training that have what it takes to also achieve the 4X GMPR.

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PRG's Coach Super Pepper

Pepper Shades



We have started publishing newsletters to keep you informed about what is going on at PRG. The latest and the greatest. Information about new DVD's, training tips, events we are attending, puppies and started dogs that are available to mention a few things. Click on the sign up box below.

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