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Training is a process not a program. Remember to always leave something in it for the dog. Learn to leave the ego at home. Don't get wrapped up in time lines. Training is about the dog. Learn what a success cycle is and constantly think of how you can set your don't up for success.

Best of luck with your training endeavor!

Gary Buys




PRG's Rule of 3's

I would like to share a concept with you today that working with literally hundreds of dogs has taught me. It is a very effective tool in teaching concepts as well as correcting for refusals to respond to a command. I call the concept The Rule Of 3's. I will explain the idea behind this concept and how it works.

You are going to show your dog how to accomplish a specific task, so we are teaching them something new, We are going to show them three times in a row. Let's say for example we are teaching sit. We have our pup walking at heel on a lead and a choke chain. We are going to give the command sit, lift up on the lead while we push their butt down and tell them sit. After the third time we do this we are going to let them make a decision. So we are going to see they understand what we are teaching them. If they don't, we are going to show them three times again. We are going to repeat this cycle where we teach them a command or response by showing them three times how we want them to respond and let them make a decision. So show them three times, and let them make a choice. When the dog has shown us that they understand the concept they are going to respond the way we have taught them to respond every single time. What I mean by that is when you give them a command and they respond the way you have taught them to you are ready to move on to the next concept. They have told you that they understand what it is that you have asked them to do. So that is one place where you use the Rule of 3's which is teaching a concept.

Another place where the Rule of 3's is effective is when you use it for correction. So lets say our dog completely understands what sit means. They have responded in the past correctly to what we have taught them by giving the response we expected. Which means they sit immediately. Then if we get a refusal, and it happens especially with young dogs for whatever reason, maybe they are not paying attention, maybe they are just giving lack of effort and they refuse to respond. This is the place then where it is reasonable to correct and what you will do is correct three times in a row. So we use the previous example which was sitting. We have taught the command sit using the choke chain and the lead. We gave the command sit, popped the choke chain with the lead and told them to sit and they sat down immediately. They have shown us that they understand the concept. So if we get a refusal what we are going to do is then we are going to correct three times in a row. So we are going to heel them off. Tell them, sit, pop the choke chain, move forward tell them sit pop the choke chain, move forward tell them sit and pop the choke chain again. Repeat three sit commands and corrections in a row. The next time we tell them to sit we are going to let them make a choice.

This is a very effective tool. It is one that is going to really help you progress and solidify your training with your dog. You can apply this to virtually any concept you are teaching or any concepts you need to correct for refusals. Dogs make a connection using this method very quickly. I believe it has to do with the way they learn and process information. This concept was taught to me by the best trainers out there today. The dogs themselves. So take this excellent effective tool and put it in your training tool box. Pull it out and learn how to apply it and it is going to make life easier for you, your dog and your training efforts. Remember think like a dog!

Written by Gary Buys
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