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Teach in Black and White

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There are a few things we want to mention. Training is a process not a program. Remember to always leave something in it for the dog. Learn to leave the ego at home. Don't get wrapped up in time lines. Training is about the dog. Learn what a success cycle is and constantly think of how you can set your don't up for success.

Best of luck with your training endeavor!

Gary Buys



How to train the way your dog thinks and learns - Teach in black and white. Transcribed from PRG training tips video.

Gary Buys here with Poudre River Gundogs. Hey we have a tip for you today on teaching in terms of black and white. This is a real important concept to understand because that is the way your dog thinks. They cant deal with gray area. It is great if you are an artist. What your going to do is you are going to create a masterpiece in your dog that is two colors. Black and white there is nothing in between. So it is up to you to communicate to your dog it's either the right way or the wrong way. There is nothing in between. Your dog is either sitting correctly or they are not. If they are not then you need to teach them the correct way. If they understand the concept then you need to keep your standards high enough so that your expectations is that they do it right every single time. Black and white no gray area. They just cant deal with it.

One of the typical signs of having gray area, and communicating that way, is going to be confusion for you dog and that is just going to frustrate them. Set them up for success. The other thing it is going to do is frustrate you in your efforts because the dog is not going to understand the concepts clearly and what your expectations are unless you do this. Unless you teach in black and white. Right way, wrong way. No gray area. Can you see the importance of this?

We have plenty of addition training tips on the web site both articels and videos so go there and check them out. Best of luck with your dog.


Written by Gary Buys
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