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How Long Should A Training Session Last?

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Training is a process not a program. Remember to always leave something in it for the dog. Learn to leave the ego at home. Don't get wrapped up in time lines. Training is about the dog. Learn what a success cycle is and constantly think of how you can set your don't up for success.

Best of luck with your training endeavor!

Gary Buys



How Long Should a Training Session Last Transcribed from PRG training tips video.

0:14 Gary Buys here with Poudre River Gundogs. Hey we have a quick tip for you today. A real common question that we get is how long should I train my dog. Well it depends on where they are at in the training process how advanced, they are beginners, they're just learning. But, there are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind. The main thing is you're looking for progress. A little bit of progress and then end on a good note. Don't make your training sessions drag out to where it becomes a grind for them. Their like working on a rock pile and their not enjoying it any more. That is one thing you need to look for. You've got to leave something in it for your dog. The other thing you will see is responses start going down hill. They're losing interest and you will see them sort of detach. It is something it takes time. You will get to the point where you will understand your dog and read them, what they are telling you all the time and you will pick up on those things. But those are the two main things to keep in mind. They sort of start going down hill a little bit and just little incremental changes or improvements or learning a concept. Just a little bit of progress. That's what your looking for. End on a good note tomorrow is another training day. That is how you keep dogs motivated and have a great work ethic for them. So they cant wait to get out next time to train with you. There is the quick tip for today.


Written by Gary Buys
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